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Problem, Php5k above claims with new ticket format

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Problem, Php5k above claims with new ticket format

Post  CB Roma Jr. on Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:18 pm

I have recently won on a system 8 and got four out of six. I placed my bet in a lotto outlet near the kingsville gate along Marcos Highway and this outlet issues new ticket format. If I had known or was informed that all winnings Php5k and above must be claimed at the PICC office I would have gone elsewhere to outlets still issuing the old format. Here is the problem. There regional office along Sumulong Highway in Mayamot Antipolo could not facilitate claims of new ticket because they do not have the machines to read the new ticket format! PCSO should have set up the new machines in their regional offices first before awarding any franchise for new format. Now I have to travel kilometers away just to claim. To all check if your regional offices have the machines to read new ticket formats else look for outlets that still issue old format.

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